White Cloud Buddhism

What is the true meaning of the Dharma?
The sky does not obstruct the path of the White Cloud.
-- Shitou Xiqian, 8th Century Zen Master

White Cloud Buddhism is a HuaYen/Pure Land tradition.

Following the teachings contained in the Avatamsaka (Hua Yen, or Flower Garland) Sutra, we stress the interconnectedness of all matter, the interdependence of all beings.

By studying and following these teachings, we hope to realize the true nature of things, and thus to liberate ourselves and our fellow beings from our present world of delusion, and to discover the Enlightenment of The Buddhas.

We rely upon the compassionate vows of Amitabha (Amituo Fo, or Amida Buddha) to bring us to his Pure Land, where we may realize ultimate enlightenment, and return to bring our fellow beings to that same state.

The White Cloud Buddhist Society (Bai Yun Fo She) was founded by the monk Q'ing Que during the Song Dynasty (c.1108 C.E.) in Hangzhou, China. From its very beginnings, it has not been a society of monks and nuns cloistered away from the everyday world. Rather, our priests and practitioners alike live the "householder's" life, taking part in family activity and the everyday work of modern society. Priests can be female or male, married or single. Upon ordination, all priests take the Buddhist name "Bai Yun," or "White Cloud." Thus, all are indistinguishable from each other, all the same, so, in a way, it can be said that there is only one priest in White Cloud Buddhism, named "Bai Yun."

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May we become worthy vessels to bring all beings from the world of delusion to the Enlightenment of The Buddhas

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