White Cloud Buddhism


The Reality Illusion, by Ralph Strauch

Heart Sutra: Ancient Buddhist Wisdom in the Light of Quantum Reality, by Mu Soeng Sunim

The Buddhist Teaching of Totality, by Garma C.C. Chang

Entry into the Inconceivable, an Introduction to Hua-Yen Buddhism, by Thomas Cleary

(Advanced philosophical discussion): Process Metaphysics and Hua-Yen Buddhism, by Steve Odin

River of Fire, River of Water, by Taitetsu Unno (although this book is about Japanese [specifically Jodo Shinshu], rather than White Cloud's Chinese-based Pure Land thought, it is a readily available and excellent introduction to the Pure Land philosophy.)

Click here to read "The Heart Sutra, Quantum Physics & Ecology"

Regard the world as an air-flower: unreal.
See the body as though a vision: without basis.
All things change and are not dependable.
Unless we seek the path of purification,
we live in illusion for many lives.
Knowing this, the Buddha came to our world in compassion,
using the Way to teach us how to vanquish suffering,
how to cut off desire, release birth and death,
and enter Nirvana's unchanging abode.

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